Can you see my halo ? Halo what ?

Well,this is what i made about 4 months ago.It’s a package contains more than 30 skills made for Yanfly Engine Melody which is no longer supported by Yanfly himself but since not everyone has RPG MAKER VX’s ACE (like me ToT) and there’s many people who still use YEM,i reupload this package here so that you can use it for your game and i’m looking forward to some serious requests here ❤

Anyway,i’m dying to see another YEM for Ace and can’t wait to have Ace :(…do you feel like me :(…although there’s still no YEM for ACE yet,you can check Yanfly’s site for another awesome script,Victory Aftermath Hooray \m/

IT started out as the worse day,but now you got me singing like it’s my birthday…oh oh oh fuckkkkkkkkkk…can’t stand today anymore :(…lost more than 100.000 vnd to my friends (haven’t paid yet ‘cuz they’re the one who own me…at least for now)…Monday you will know what i’m made of :-w….playing cards is my specialty 🙂

Enough chitty chat,click to download,guys

This blog is pretty new compares to the last one of mine,so please support me if you want 😀


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Oh my Ace ><"

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This is what i’ve been yearning for give it to me strong >.<“…

Well,rpg maker vx ace was out in Japan now…and i’m still looking forward to receiving a copy of it from someone who is kind enough to buy one for me ><“…i’m dying to have rpg maker vx ace 😦

While waiting for that,i guess i’ll download the free RTP Package…i heard from one of my friends that the quality is flawless,hope it won’t disappoint me…

Besides,i’m eager to see what scripts will be made for ACE…will be checking Yanfly Channel and Grimoire Castle everyday to ease my scripts’ obsession ><“…