Take a rest after the exam – Obsession

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m as lazy as ever,i’m thinking ’bout spending the whole night listening to this amazing man :(…his voice is so damn wonderful 😦

That’s all…damn…it’s a little bit too short,but i’m so ******* lazy ya know *yawn like a pig*

  1. Yami says:

    I’m gonna make a battle system like bahamut lagoon and ASH. Happy?

  2. klainee says:

    No =)…bahamut lagooon sounds familiar…i think i’ve played it be4 =)

  3. klainee says:

    I thịnk you should make a script that create a cut-in :))

  4. Yami says:

    I have decided

  5. Yami says:

    lol, what a lazy dude

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