Stu-dying >.<"

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hate the first term exams >.<“…i’m so damn unlucky that i had to do the stuffs i haven’t learn,everybody left their rooms with a smile on their face and i was like *poker face* *i’ll be dead when i receive the marks*

This is a new screenshot of my new project,nothing’s special though ‘cuz i haven’t seen a good enough battle script (Yanfly’s one is great but i’m suck at writing so battle like that wouldn’t fit me)

WordPress has been so fun lately,maybe because there’re many people who like RPG MAKER VX ACE and dedicate to it,such as the awesome Nessiah <3,(i love her arts <3),Victor a.k.a Atoa, Yanfly (4-8 scripts a day is freaking awesome,man) and the lazyyyyyyyyyy ones – Yami the pervert

Check out,Yanfly’s Convert Damage,Nessiah’s beautiful arts and Victor’s SFonts,believe me,you won’t be disappoint

Christmas is in the air

Study what ? I don’t care \m/

Damn,we students are always so lazy when we think of holidays >.<“



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