New PROject \m/

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just started a new project on RPG MAKER VX ACE and i began making Animations and Skills first as usual 😀

Here’s a few pictures

The animation is kinda unclear even though the battleback is not really bright

It looks nice,obviously…but it’s kinda laggy even though my laptop is pretty good…(don’t tell me 4 GB isn’t enough)…but it’s still laggy

What do you think ’bout it ?

Scripts used in the screenshots

– Ace Battle Engine by Yanfly

Here’s some of my thoughts after using RPG MAKER VX ACE (Full Version of course)

– I’m not satisfy with the face generator…if you choose “Random Generate”,it will create a bunch of monsters…monsters,i mean it !!!!!!…i can’t stand the horribly ugly mouth and eyes…not the mention the coutour part

– With the exception of the above problem,RPG MAKER VX ACE is much better than RPG MAKER VX in every aspects…well…i don’t know what to say so that’s all…

Thank guys :-)/\:-) (hi5 emo)

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