Ps Vita,Persona 4 Golden >.<"

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

First i want a copy of RPG MAKER VX ACE…now i want Ps Vita and Persona 4 Golden >.<“…has just realized that i forgot the release date of Ps Vita in Japan,and look at the screenshot,Yukiko looks great :(…can sbd supply me an unlimited amount of money so I can buy anything i want >.<“…still obsessed with Persona series (even though i’ve only played P3 and P4)

By the way,Yanfly released a new script (i’m surprised by his productive act) – another awesome work as usual 😀

Don’t know what Katy was thinking…she let B.o.B ruin the song >.<“”””””

That’s all :D…thanks for reading till the last line 😛 (you know,’cuz i’m not so good at writing)


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