Double Fun,Double Trouble \m/

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello,guys,i’m going to share my old project which is dropped due to many reasons and if you want to grab it,do it before I change my mind.

It contains many scripts of Yanfly and my bud Yami,some of them r unreleased and were made exclusively for my project (thank Yami :D),some are what i found on a japanese website…besides there are many awesome skills made by me (yay me and Yanfly for his awesome YEM)…If you use any of them,please credits 2 people up there (essential)…and me if you like

This is some screenshot and gameplay footage of the project

Extension of a Skill !!!! It’s called “a” skill doesn’t mean you can’t use another skill right after that by pressing the right button 😀

Gameplay Footage \m/

Finally,this is the download link 😀

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  2. Drakath says:

    Oh… I did not know that you had a game 😀 ! Do you recognize me? Probably not. Well, I know what you can do with Melody skills so I will definitely check this out. (I was a customer of your skill shop back in RMVX if you don’t remember 😀 , the one who requested Sword Inferno )

  3. Drakath says:

    You have amazing animations… (Didn’t have a doubt about that)

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