I’m as lazy as ever,i’m thinking ’bout spending the whole night listening to this amazing man :(…his voice is so damn wonderful 😦

That’s all…damn…it’s a little bit too short,but i’m so ******* lazy ya know *yawn like a pig*

Merry Christmas

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MerryΒ  Christmas,guy \m/,do you have any plan for the day ?

Today i’m gonna post some screenshots of my current project

Finally,the party has enough members πŸ˜€

Transparent Actor Command and Status,it looksΒ  nice,huh ?

A little bit more of the battle scene

Thank Yanfly and Victor for your awesome scripts ❀

That’s all,and again,merry christmas guys\m /

Stu-dying >.<"

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Hate the first term exams >.<“…i’m so damn unlucky that i had to do the stuffs i haven’t learn,everybody left their rooms with a smile on their face and i was like *poker face* *i’ll be dead when i receive the marks*

This is a new screenshot of my new project,nothing’s special though ‘cuz i haven’t seen a good enough battle script (Yanfly’s one is great but i’m suck at writing so battle like that wouldn’t fit me)

WordPress has been so fun lately,maybe because there’re many people who like RPG MAKER VX ACE and dedicate to it,such as the awesome Nessiah <3,(i love her arts <3),Victor a.k.a Atoa, Yanfly (4-8 scripts a day is freaking awesome,man) and the lazyyyyyyyyyy ones – Yami the pervert

Check out,Yanfly’s Convert Damage,Nessiah’s beautiful arts and Victor’s SFonts,believe me,you won’t be disappoint

Christmas is in the air

Study what ? I don’t care \m/

Damn,we students are always so lazy when we think of holidays >.<“


New PROject \m/

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Just started a new project on RPG MAKER VX ACE and i began making Animations and Skills first as usual πŸ˜€

Here’s a few pictures

The animation is kinda unclear even though the battleback is not really bright

It looks nice,obviously…but it’s kinda laggy even though my laptop is pretty good…(don’t tell me 4 GB isn’t enough)…but it’s still laggy

What do you think ’bout it ?

Scripts used in the screenshots

– Ace Battle Engine by Yanfly

Here’s some of my thoughts after using RPG MAKER VX ACE (Full Version of course)

– I’m not satisfy with the face generator…if you choose “Random Generate”,it will create a bunch of monsters…monsters,i mean it !!!!!!…i can’t stand the horribly ugly mouth and eyes…not the mention the coutour part

– With the exception of the above problem,RPG MAKER VX ACE is much better than RPG MAKER VX in every aspects…well…i don’t know what to say so that’s all…

Thank guys :-)/\:-) (hi5 emo)

I’m living a teenage dream

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6 AM in the morning (in my country),woke up,battery low (4% >.<“),go to Yanfly Channel and booom,there’s a new script, i couldn’t believe in my eyes,it’s the awesome Active Chain Skills <3…i’m so gonna use it and Glimmer from Kread-Ex to create another version of Tales of the Abyss Combo Chain and FOF Change <3…

And 9 AM,go to Yanfly Channel Again and there’s another script <3,you make me feel like i’m living a teenage dream Yanfly ❀ ❀ <3…i’m so happy that i could die <3,it’s called “cast animations

Couldn’t wait till i have enough resources and scripts to start my new project…but first i have to deal with the exams >.<“…fuck you Physics,Chemistry,Literature and Maths…U should be fucked too,English ><“


Ps Vita,Persona 4 Golden >.<"

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First i want a copy of RPG MAKER VX ACE…now i want Ps Vita and Persona 4 Golden >.<“…has just realized that i forgot the release date of Ps Vita in Japan,and look at the screenshot,Yukiko looks great :(…can sbd supply me an unlimited amount of money so I can buy anything i want >.<“…still obsessed with Persona series (even though i’ve only played P3 and P4)

By the way,Yanfly released a new script (i’m surprised by his productive act) – another awesome work as usual πŸ˜€

Don’t know what Katy was thinking…she let B.o.B ruin the song >.<“”””””

That’s all :D…thanks for reading till the last line πŸ˜› (you know,’cuz i’m not so good at writing)

Double Fun,Double Trouble \m/

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Hello,guys,i’m going to share my old project which is dropped due to many reasons and if you want to grab it,do it before I change my mind.

It contains many scripts of Yanfly and my bud Yami,some of them r unreleased and were made exclusively for my project (thank Yami :D),some are what i found on a japanese website…besides there are many awesome skills made by me (yay me and Yanfly for his awesome YEM)…If you use any of them,please credits 2 people up there (essential)…and me if you like

This is some screenshot and gameplay footage of the project

Extension of a Skill !!!! It’s called “a” skill doesn’t mean you can’t use another skill right after that by pressing the right button πŸ˜€

Gameplay Footage \m/

Finally,this is the download link πŸ˜€